Charles Parks,

PVTRA Chief Scout

Age: 41

Charles Parks

Introducing our new Chief Scout

A seasoned โ€œhandโ€ with a deep-rooted passion for the life of a cowboy. Born to Delphina Sloan, he holds the position of the eldest among his four brothers. Charles is happily married to Cornelia Parks and is a proud father of four children.

From the tender age of 3, Charles embarked on his journey into the world of horsemanship. His love and dedication to cowboying were nurtured by the invaluable influence of his grandparents. Throughout the years, Charles has engaged in various equestrian activities, including trail riding, calf roping, and horse training.

For the past 14 years, Charles has been an integral part of the Prairie Trail Ride Association, starting as a scout and gradually advancing through the ranks. In 2023, he achieved a significant milestone by assuming the role of Chief Scout, a position that fills him with immense pride. Charles sees this achievement not only as a personal triumph but also as a continuation of the legacy left by his grandmother and the countless others who guided and supported him on his remarkable journey.

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